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Subject:  Re: tornado Date:  3/25/2002  2:52 AM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  3649 of 11896

Words to the wise; thinking you are invincible and indestructible don't make it so.


P.S. Is the BC media mentioning these deaths so the other kids know how dangerous this is?

Plastered over all the front pages and has been for several weeks before the latest where two kids raced and one slammed into a hydro pole severing the Lexus (parents car) into parts. No survivors. Then, doc, there's stuff in the media about that since these kids killed themselves and how it's necessary for grief counseling at their schools. My God, grief counseling?

If I had my way and I could be wrong and if you disagree I'll take my lumps but I'd haul that wreck on a flatbed right into the school parking lot and say, “This may bruise your yet-mature psyches but this is what happens.” I wouldn't clean up the car for their precious sensibilities. It would be as the cops found it with bloodstains and empty shoes.

But what really happens? Some educators say that we must protect our children from the realities of life before they're able to accept them. My view is that if you're old enough to get pregnant you should know how not to and, if you're old enough to kill yourself in an automobile, you should learn how not to.

What galls is that there's some parents who have lost a kid and they're wondering why their kid. Well, you gave an inexperienced driver a powerful auto and you let him drive at times when others want to race. It's such a terrible waste.

MichaelR – Jester

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