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Subject:  Re: tornado Date:  3/25/2002  7:13 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  3659 of 11896

I had the Tornado installed and the mechanic, being polite, didn't laugh but did say that if it were such a good idea GM would have already installed it which, to my mind, isn't a valid argument.

Point: do aftermarket add-ons work? In the early 80s I had a computer added to my GMC Van that measured the density of the charge at TDC and varied the spark accordingly. Mileage went up to 19 mpg, up from 16, and the engine ran that much smoother. Also, I found that at oil change the oil was cleaner.

I sold the van when I came out west and I lost track of the company that made this. If anyone knows of a similar I would be on it like a shot even though I wonder if it would work with the newer ignitions and so on.

As for the Tornado I don't know because I just drove back about an hour ago and the drive was through residential streets; I'll take it on the highway tomorrow and see if there's any difference. Like Twit I work out of my house (I've been doing this for more than 30 years) and I don't commute unless you count going downstairs.

On other matters and that's GPS. I have just bought the Garmin 176C. I bought it to replace the Garmin 48 I use on my boat because the 176C does have marine charts. Since I do have it for marine use I have installed the pre-programmed BlueChart Marine cartography chip. However, if set to land use, it does show all the routes across the BC lower mainland.

The 176C is expensive and the locale chips are also. If you're interested in GPS I would recommend the Garmin 76.

Points about buying a GPS: pixels cost (the more there are the more dollars you'll spend), color costs (256 colors costs way more than 16), get the accessory cable to plug into your car's cigarette lighter (GPS eats up batteries especially if you turn on the light for the screen) and the best place to learn about GPS is through your local Power and Sail Squadron. Garmin does provide a video (at extra cost) but you learn far more about establishing way points und so weiter from the boating people.

MichaelR – Jester

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