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Subject:  Re: War - My Inner Struggle Date:  4/5/2002  9:48 AM
Author:  JavaTraveler Number:  78167 of 199204


This war on terror has scared and depressed me like nothing before. I see our world being sucked into WWIII. I, like you, abhor violence. I see it as a vicious cycle. One only has to look at the events in the Middle East to understnad this.

First Bin Laden's group attacks, then we attack back. It is safe to assume they will attack again, and we will in turn strike back. The longer it goes, I think the more violent it gets.

I am not sure hoe to resolve this. I feel this is a wake up call to our country that we need to change some things in this world. I have never been big on American brauvado(sp). While of course I think this is a great country, I see little need for us to go around the world bragging that we are "the greatest nation on Earth." That seems a bit too prideful, and sets us up for a big fall.

My belief is we need to fight terrorism on two fronts. Sadly, violence is what these people understand, so we need to have a measured response to any acts of violence. We did this perfectly in the aftermath of the attacks in NY and D.C..

We also need to work at being better world neighbors. We need to listen to what our friends tell us, and not just assume we know how to handle everything. We don't. We need to forge a more peaceful attitude in our relations. Not everyone is our enemy.

I will stop, because I think I am rambling. I can not offer a solution to you. I can only tell you I am with you on this.

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