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Subject:  Re: Stoopid Ohio state tax law Date:  4/10/2002  9:38 PM
Author:  dj111 Number:  60172 of 131270

What kind of brown acid was Ohio's assembly on when they wrote this?

I feel your pain! I moved from Ohio about 12 years ago. My wife used to hide while I completed the Ohio income tax forms. She claimed I used words she never heard before, and her father was a Marine.

Unfortunately, I moved from Ohio to Virginia. Virginia's tax forms were easier to complete, but Virginia kept a bigger chunk of my income for their wealth redistribution programs. The good news was my wife would help me complete the tax forms. The bad news was her father talked to me about his daughter's language since she married me.

Now we live in New Mexico. I finally learned about the virtues of TurboTax, so I don't care about how difficult the tax forms are to complete, and after Virginia, the New Mexico tax bite seems moderate by comparison.

I've considered moving to one of the states without an income tax. However, Alaska is way too cold, and the other income tax-free states have other obnoxious taxes -- they get you one way or the other.

My other solution is to buy a small island in the Carribean someplace, and then declare war on the U.S. Of course the Marines will come down and kick my butt, but then the liberals in Congress will insist that the Department of State refurbish my island to the standard of living of the rest of the U.S. Unfortunately for me, this idea isn't original (Leonard Wibberly, The Mouse that Roared), and I'm afraid that declaring war on the U.S. this year will get me an all expense paid vacation to Cuba for the rest of my life.

I suppose I'm better of paying the taxes, and fuming about the Arbitrary Middle-Class Tax (aka AMT) and wealth redistribution.

David Jacobs
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