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Subject:  Re: Smoke, Fire, and Voldemort Date:  4/14/2002  2:58 AM
Author:  MoeBruin Number:  122723 of 278699

Wouldn't it be more effective if we gave them the choice to back off on IllinoisGEM or we all dump our subscription as a group? Possibly there is enough of us to have an effect.


Don't you think there is a big over reaction at this point.

I am a big fan of Illinois Gem and his work but with all due respect I do believe a number of people made suggestions when he started that putting up a pay program on a website was not the best idea.

Now if you are a company that owns a software and data service and you find someone with a website that is selling a program that uses your data you probably wouldn't be thrilled either. Very few companies would let another company due whar Illinois Gem's "company" was claiming to do without at a minimum having them negeotiating first some sort of lisencing or rights fee.

Now the fact that Illinois Gem wasn't really selling anything at this point would probably be immaterial to the suits who I'm sure really didn't bother to find out anything beyond what the impressive website of Illinois Gem said.

But that is all Value Line has done at this point.

They haven't come over here. They haven't tried to stop Jamie and at this point there is no reason to assume they would try. If there is any concern I would suggest that when building tools or posting rankings, or having a website like Jamie: a) don't try to make money off of it (use the donation route like many suggested initially to Illinois Gem) and b) never mention the word Value Line in your tool, posting, etc. (B isn't a sure legal protector but who said we are using VL if it isn't mentioned).

However, at this point all that VL has done was go after a website selling a product without an agreement or liscense. If they try to come over here and stop Radish or the posting then a very different issue will occur. At that time IMO it might be the time to go after those weasels or come up with workaround. But until that happens, I wouldn't worry, or become too reactionary.

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