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Subject:  Re: Smoke, Fire, and Voldemort Date:  4/14/2002  8:50 AM
Author:  chris319 Number:  122738 of 278612

I do believe a number of people made suggestions when he started that putting up a pay program on a website was not the best idea.

If I'm not mistaken, the issue was that some people saw it as profiteering and they had a problem with that, not that it would be a lightning rod for his Lordship's wrath (see post #114250 and the very lengthy surrounding thread). I don't think Gerry's to blame for this predicament.

Now if you are a company that owns a software and data service and you find someone with a website that is selling a program that uses your data you probably wouldn't be thrilled either. Very few companies would let another company due whar Illinois Gem's "company" was claiming to do without at a minimum having them negotiating first some sort of licensing or rights fee.

Elan and others have correctly pointed out that Gerry's product contains no LV intellectual property, so what's the big deal? LV has to expect this kind of thing if they're going to make their data exportable.

But that is all Value Line has done at this point.

Gerry is being circumspect about this and it's not our place to pry, but do we know for a fact that LV has sent him a nastygram or have we all jumped to that conclusion? Is it possible that he's acting on the advice of his own legal counsel? In a few posts I've skimmed he mentions wanting to obtain a legal opinion, and an IP attorney did step forward a couple of weeks ago.

Clearly Gerry does not want to discuss this and we should all be respectful of his desire not to.
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