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Subject:  Re: Smoke, Fire, and Voldemort Date:  4/14/2002  6:47 PM
Author:  mjcalab Number:  122796 of 278659

However, at this point all that VL has done was go after a website selling a product without an agreement or liscense. If they try to come over here and stop Radish or the posting then a very different issue will occur. At that time IMO it might be the time to go after those weasels or come up with workaround. But until that happens, I wouldn't worry, or become too reactionary

mjcalab wrote:
Reminds me of the worlds response to the Nazi's "final solution."

<sarcasm>yeah, it's just like that.</sarcasm>

I agree with you, the two are nothing alike and that's an understatement. But I didn't say they were. No matter, I used that example only to get an idea across, obviously I failed. Moe's statement minimises what we think VL has done, blaming and excusing their action on false conclusions about what Gerry has done, thus making what ever happens to Gerry, his own fault and none of our business. Then he unnecessarily calls them names and indicates that if they did a similar thing to us then we would be justified to go after them.

I don't believe Moe meant to do this. I'm sure he believes that we don't want anything to happen to others that we wouldn't want to happen to us. We all make mistakes, as everyone may feel I am doing now, but Gerry appears to have his hands tied and is not allowed to ask for help though he may need it. I don't know if this is the case or not. The only honest and ethical approach I see open is to talk with VL now. How best to approach this so we don't kill what is going on here is our problem. This board can't hide from VL.

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