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Subject:  Reclassification Date:  4/16/2002  11:22 AM
Author:  Ralphieda Number:  13271 of 38651

Ok, my reenlistment window opened in January, a few days after I PCSed. I have been trying to reclassiefy since before I PCSed. (I was trying to extend at my last duty so I could reenlist from there.) I found out that the MOS I am trying to get into has classes starting on June 7th, early October, and March 03. First he said he could maybe, maybe try to get me into the October class. Then my retention NCO tells me that the Army won't pay for me to move again so soon, and that I have to be on duty site for at least 1 year. So now he changes his story to "If I want him to he can try to put me into the March class. After all, that's all he can do...and besides, he has other people to take care of."

**If this is my reenlistment option,** why would I be restricted to time restraints?

**And,** if I am willing to move myself (Not a DITY move, totally out of pocket) would that effect my chances of getting into school sooner?

I would also have to extend now to meet the school date of March. So now I am debating on whether I should just get all the schooling I can while I am in, and ETS with my current date. Get out and do what I really want to do, or stay in and play the waiting game woth a guy who doesn't really want to help me anyway. I really don't want to get out. I love being in the Army and serving my country. But at the same time, it is my time, I am volunteering for this.

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