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Subject:  Re: Heinlein Discussion Date:  5/8/2002  4:24 PM
Author:  mapletree3 Number:  683 of 3384

The Past Through Tomorrow is what got me hooked on Heinlein. I've read almost everything he ever wrote. But it's been a long time since I read most of it.

The first book I remember reading of his was....crap. I can't remember the name. It was about some young kid growing up on a pseudo-islamist world, mentored by a spy pretending to be a beggar, then enrolling and turning out to be a long-lost bazillionaire heir. Anyone?

No, I take it back, the first thing of his I read was the original serialized version of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which my Dad bought way-back-when, still at my Grandma's house 3 decades later when we visited her over summer vacation. I remember being puzzled by the language oddities and asking my Dad if they were on purpose. I don't know how old I was.

Dad brought me up right, surrounded by SF/F. Dad handed me the first Xanth book when I was six and I was hooked. I had read everything Heinlein had written except the post NotB stuff by the time I was 12(and three or four novellas - the 'supermen' one, the jonathan hoag stuff). Mom and Dad wouldn't let me read Time Enough for Love, and so forth, because of the sex. Little did they know, what I was checking out of the library was far more explicit. I was highly disappointed when I finally got to read it.
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