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Subject:  Re: Micahel Whelan Date:  5/15/2002  10:58 PM
Author:  TheMoonglade Number:  782 of 3340

Have you come across Rosemary Edghill's Bast mystery series? The main character is wiccan. I'd be interested to know how authentic they are in their depiction of the religion. The mystery parts are pretty good.

I'll try them if my library carries them, just to check out the Wiccan depiction. Most authors, like Hollywood movies, like to dramatize the pagan religions since for the most part, pagans, whether Witches or Wiccans, tend to lead rather boring, mundane lives. So in books, we have "power in our blood from our mothers mothers mothers" or the ability to shoot lightning out of our fingertips. You know, like Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Cute show, but no candles around any circle I ever cast (when I rarely bother to work with magic) ever burst into flames on their own or flared up dramatically when I evoke the gods. That would be a nice effect to pull off for the token atheist in attendance (let alone token Christian!). Ah well, I guess I'll remain boring and mundane in ritual.

At least authors of genres besides horror or fantasy are acknowledging we exist, even if it is a skewed view.


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