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Subject:  Re: Good new SF/F Date:  5/16/2002  7:17 PM
Author:  TheMoonglade Number:  821 of 3374

James P. Hogan. Real Science Fiction, with emphasis on the science.

I'd read one or two of Hogan's books back in college and thought them well-written but since my preference is for fantasy, I didn't read many.

Venus is a very odd planet, compared to the other terresial planets, in its revolution, rotation and climate. It's also interesting how most pagan religions that equate the planets to their gods have the arrive of the goddess represented by Venus as a late arrival to their pantheon. And how the god represented by Mars is generally a war god and considered dangerous and in need of appeasement.

Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velicovsky by Charles Ginehthal, 1990 (sadly OOP) is a very interesting read of how Sagan (deliberately??) misrepresented Velicovsky's theory and evidence to other scientists in journals and papers on Velicovsky's works. Sagan even blasted Velicovsky for publishing without getting a peer review first, when Sagan himself did the same thing in Parade magazine several times.

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