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Subject:  Re: Good new SF/F Date:  5/16/2002  10:33 PM
Author:  jiml8 Number:  823 of 3375

Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velicovsky by Charles Ginehthal, 1990 (sadly OOP) is a very interesting read of how Sagan (deliberately??) misrepresented Velicovsky's theory

I need to pick up a copy of that book. I never thought much of Sagan; his Cosmos series was simply wonderful, but his science writing was, to my mind, too opinionated. I think the facts should lead us where they lead us, not the other way around - and I think Sagan is guilty of that.

Hogan and I have been having a discussion for a year now, off and on, about Venus. He is firmly convinced that Venus is a new planet. I confess that I have gotten interested and have been spending a lot of time on it. Hogan has provided me with some very interesting leads and resources.

It does seem to me that there are some serious discrepancies in some of the data analysis - and there are a number of things that appear to not fit at all. Also, making the assumption that Venus is a new planet does seem to account for some of these discrepancies rather neatly. Follow the facts, and go where they lead.

But then, the question becomes "where did Venus come from" and if it is new, how is its orbit so round.

Actually, in the last week or so I have made a few posts on the Astronomy board here at TMF on the topic, trying to stimulate some discussion, but with little success.

Thing is, I really would like to answer the question to my satisfaction. In order to do that, I would need to do a lot of research, and review a lot of data, and review a lot of the analysis. I don't have the time, although if someone would pay me I would make the time.

But I have become very interested and I am gradually amassing a lot of data.
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