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Subject:  OT Random: Carisoprodol Date:  5/17/2002  3:12 AM
Author:  rshunter2 Number:  179 of 907

Why is this darn drug so expensive in even generic form?

My best friend has a chronic back problem and needs a muscle relaxant and an analgesic like hydrocodone/APAP (when we first met, I think I blurted out "You're taking HOW MANY Tylenol #4's a day? Can you spell "liver"?) so that changed real fast; most people don't understand the codeine threshhold that converts around 10% or so into morphine in the liver, but throwing more than two grains of codeine at it won't help any more; I forget which system is involved, but it would be interesting to figure some experimental study that blocked that system to see if those theories are true, or at least the basis for them in terms of saturating the pathway.

Anyhow, 5 mg hydrocodone/162.5 mg APAP bid beats a handful of 1 gr. codeine/325 mg. APAP tid. Was it George Cohan that said, (paraphrasing him) "My liver thanks you, my kidneys thank you, my back thanks you, and finally, I thank you."

Is carisoprodol (Soma) being used by drug fiends in some way, or what? Robaxin (methocarbromal) is a derivative of the same root and the generic costs a fraction. Of course the whiner says that doesn't work as well.

I'm tempted to tell him to ask his doctor for meprobamate (Equanil, or more famously, Milltown) just to see what a rise he gets out of him.

Of course meprobamate is C-IV; the others, family relatives, are just Rx. In Canada, Robaxisal (and a ton of other drugs that are Rx or Scheduled here) is OTC there.

Just asking if anyone heard anything peculiar about Soma / Carisoprodol.

Our current problem in Montana is a serious methamphetamine "crystal meth", problem, and the little wannabe pharmaceutical chemists have settled on Actifed and Sudafed and its generics as the preferred feedstock. Anybody with allergies and colds probably wants all those SOB's to go to you know where, I know I do.

Oh on the ridiculous drugs show, Soma Compound has to be the winner. Well, closely followed by Ultracet.

Sorry, I'll stop torturing now, but I am extremely curious about the carisoprodol thing.


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