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Subject:  e-banking and the post office. Date:  5/31/2002  6:02 PM
Author:  TheDreamer Number:  17099 of 24357

Well, it just hit me the risk of having an online only bank account.

The darn post office. NetFlix has a statement that they are dependent on the post office which could affect their performance....of course, they are a public company now.

But, until recently...I hadn't really been that concerned about FIBI being my only bank account.

Locally, our company has a relationship with a Credit Union.... Which came about because 20+ years ago, we used to be a division of an entity that was a CU member....but since that time, we have changed hands many times...and are now part of a completely different fact the old part is quite small (though I now work within that small product group). But, the CU doesn't have a branch nearby...but, a lot of co-workers have accounts...where they do all their banking online and at ATMs, resorting to mailing their deposits in.

Anyways....I mailed a deposit ($250) on May 20th....being in Ohio...I usually expect to see it in my account in 2-3 days....but on Saturday I was worried. I wrote on Sunday....they responded on Tuesday (after the holiday)....they hadn't seen it yet. Now I was really beginning to worry...I had never tried going after somebody to replace a check that I had lost trying to deposit.... Especially, since it took quite an effort to get the first check....the $250 is the max for an auction that went bad, where the seller refused my payment (I should've backed out at that point....) The auction went back in January...but I only finally got the check on May 18th.

Fortunately...the check arrived and FIBI credited my account with it.

I suppose I was more worried, in that I had already mapped out how to spend the $250...that I had given up on seeing. So, on Wednesday I had turned the point where I had accepted that I wasn't going to get to spend it....and now I'm planning to spend it again. Of course, that's really easy....I have a huge list of things I need to buy...but don't feel that I'm in a hurry enough to get (so I'll wait until I can afford it and/or it becomes cheaper....though today I had to run out and buy something at retail price, even though I knew of places online that had it cheaper....$50 in the store, $30 online....but that was more because I had other stuff to get from the online spread out the shipping cost.) that I live in a place where there are no branches near me....(and I don't drive)....I guess I'll have to live with the risk that the post office will lose or inexplicably delay my mail....or consider spending money on special delivery of bigger checks....

The Dreamer.
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