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Subject:  Re: I REPAIRED MY CREDIT Date:  6/4/2002  10:51 AM
Author:  PsycDoc Number:  128912 of 312293

Utahtea wrote:
>>> Don't forget adultery...glad I'm not married to him
>>> or Lizardking! Won't trust them any farther than
>>> I could throw them.

Well don't forget murder, serial torture, abusive tickling, child hurling, really bad joke-telling, and leaving dirty socks about the house (and who knows what else!)... I know you'll find this hard to believe, but I really am an example of someone who doesn't fit the proven rule that anyone who "cleans" their credit reports the way I have done is almost surely a dishonest and abusive monster in every other aspect of his life. The fact is that I am guilty of driving too fast on I-40 when I visit my senior citizen parents across our long state of Tennessee. I also did steal a packet of sunflower seeds from Weona's dry good store when I was six years old, and my dad made me return them. Finally, I thought it would be funny to yell "fire" during a firedrill when I was in the seventh grade, and the vice principal made me suffer the well-deserved humiliation of going to every room in the school that afternoon and apologize personally before my guffawing peers. I hate to disappoint you about adultery, larceny, tax evasion, and all the other things that were mentioned in this thread as likelihoods. Maybe that's my destiny though -- having gotten away with credit "repair," maybe I'll forsake my honest friends and turn to a life of profound deceit and reprehensible crime! I would go to confession to cleanse myself, but I'm Jewish and the best I could probably get from Rabbi Becker would be something guilt-inducing along the lines of, "Why did you ruin your credit in the first place, you meshuggah?"

Meshuggahly yours,

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