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Subject:  About being "scum" Date:  6/4/2002  7:25 PM
Author:  PsycDoc Number:  128977 of 312823

Although I've been a registered "fool" for a few years, I've not posted until recently. Unfortunately my entreƩ here was a summary of the clearly debatable issue of credit "repair."

Although I fully expected a debate on the merits, ethics, and morality of challenging negative but correct credit report tradelines, I didn't expect (and maybe I should have) the ad hominem attacks which followed. Among other things I was pronounced a likely adulterer, a thief, and scum -- three epithets which (I am grateful to report) aren't accurate.

Before I simply go away, I would like to ask a few questions of anyone who is willing to take the time to reply.

1) Am I being overly sensitive about this? My wife just told me not to let a bunch of strangers on a computer bulletin board ruin my day, lol. On the other hand, if I would like to participate in this community, shouldn't I accord some import to the judgments of my peers here?

2) Are the bad feelings I have inspired fairly universal among this group? (If yes, I suppose the answers to question 1 are inconsequential because I clearly should just leave now, lol.)

3) Is it typical for participants here to engage in name-calling when they disagree like that? Surely, I'm not a special case. (I just read this to my wife, lol, and she said, "Yes you are sweetie. You're a special case of narcissism. It's all about you.") Seriously, doesn't anyone here see the scumminess associated with name-calling and attacking others? Or do I -- as someone who acknowledged challenging negative but correct credit report items -- have a lock on scumminess?

4) We are all paid participants here. I bought a two-year membership earlier this year when the Gardner brothers offered that special. As a long fan of The Motley Fool, and as a paying customer as well, am I seriously unwelcome here?

I guess that's it. I certainly did not ask for praise. Indeed, I knew that my posting would inspire debate, but I hoped that it would help someone regardless. What I did not expect were the personal insults and wild speculations about other areas of my life.


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