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Subject:  Re: About being "scum" Date:  6/4/2002  8:21 PM
Author:  PsycDoc Number:  128998 of 312824

Wildgirl, thanks for the friendly tone on your last post. As for protesting too much, LOL, well, I suppose that's my downfall. (You're a good student of psychodynamic theory, I see! Note that I prefer Anna Freud to her father, so "protesting too much" isn't something that I believe necessarily proves anything except the need to be accepted -- which of course may well indicate a problem as well, lol.)

Ok, since I've already protested too much, I may as well do it some more, LOL. Whenever I bought a FICO score at or, I captured the HTML so that I could review it later. Just now I uploaded that for you to review. (FICO doesn't include Social Security Numbers in their consumer reports, so I don't believe I am compromising my privacy to any great degree by making this public.) Anyway, here are those reports:

March 21, 2001:
October 28, 2001:
December 20, 2001:
January 3, 2002:
May 20, 2002:

The latter data (post lawsuit) increase was due to some old unchallenged 7-year-old information that finally dropped off on its own.

I promise I didn't invent all of this just now in order to convince a stranger on a message board of its veracity. In short, I'm not selling anything. :)

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