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Subject:  Re: Looking Down Date:  6/6/2002  11:16 AM
Author:  friendlygirl Number:  28456 of 512610

I agree with you that there are cases where you can legitimately look down on someone and that judging is not all bad. But I think that the examples you cited are a long way away from atheists looking down on theists. *Some* atheists do look down on all theists, not just because they "adopt a philosophy which they cannot rationally defend, but who wish to impose that philosophy through legislation on everyone else".

The examples AngelMay cited generally include a fair amount of stereotyping, and some atheists look down on theists based on their stereotypes as well. That is what makes it objectionable.

You may denigrate some people based on their beliefs, sandyleelee, but your standard is a reasonable. Some atheists are not so reasonable.

Howdy, all!

I've just started wandering around here, so maybe I should lurk for a while first, but hell I've never been a shrinking violet so why start now?

S'pose I should tell you that I am an observant non-orthodox Jew (sorta of the conservadox/reconstructionist vein, if that's an option). Love to talk religion, love good discussion, understand where the atheists are coming from but happen to believe differently. (Well, okay, I understand where you are coming from if you disagree with the people who try to ram religion down your throat, etc. Some atheists make so many assumptions about my beliefs that I have trouble with it.) Right, and I got my degrees in physics, so that'll probably inform much of what I write. (Sorry 'bout that. I'm passionate about it and all, so I just can't get it out of my system.)

Looking for some good conversation...
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