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Subject:  Re: Slightly OT: Date:  6/13/2002  1:28 PM
Author:  zJohnR Number:  41851 of 50600

[] does not offer any limit, stop orders or margin accounts, which means no short selling.

Uh ... OK, this is rude and I apologize in advance for that, but it just seems like the clearest way to phrase it. What part of Buy and Hold did you not understand?

Talking about setting and religiously observing a stop loss is one approach to investing. But there are also those of us who really do just hang on and hang on and hang on. This assumes of course that the company continues to look like it will eventually be worth having held. So generally I try to buy only what I'll be willing to hold on to for a really long time. Or to risk losing altogether. (Note: well ... except for those shares of RSAS I picked up last year only to bail out a few months later. I am sooooooooooo happy I bailed out of that sick puppy when I did. ;-)

Now and then I consider trying to get a better return on my money by selling my longs and going short before a market dip. Then later covering and going long again before the market goes back up. But this stategy always seem to work better in my mind than in fact.

-john in Ithaca who would love to be a successful alpha trader, but who can't ever seem to walk the talk. :-)
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