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Subject:  Re: Slightly OT: Date:  6/14/2002  1:25 AM
Author:  aktravler85 Number:  41857 of 50600

Yes, it did sound oh so bad, but so right. Folks really, really need to understand what they are getting into.

On the stop-loss-no-matter-what, I have to take exception in a market like this. These radical price moves are more like the actions of lemmings than rational humans. Now I understand the talking heads referring to the market like it was a sentient being.
When one spends serious time studying a company and makes a good sound decision to buy, and the price drops $5 in 2 days with absolutely no reason, I have no doubt it will come back. And probably within a few more days. I am not a buy-and-hold-at-all-costs type either, boy my hubby was, I finally got him to give up on awful Mutual funds we were in and I have to get the money re-invested.

I buy top of their field companys with a few gambles to spice things up. After being down for over 3 years with the Funds, making $2 on a $5 stock in a week is pretty impressive returns. And the gain is locked in when I sell. Of course these ones are doing great, it's crazy out there!
So, I have $1800 more to get working for me, any ideas? I am being aggressive with these funds, already have a solid base of indexes and core stocks and 4.5 years to go.
Ak, feeling like the market is a carnival ride, in the hills north of Fairbanks. (But it's been raining so nuthin' else to do)
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