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Subject:  PCBanker comments about its security policy Date:  7/30/2002  9:30 PM
Author:  markber Number:  17332 of 24368

Upon Raindancer request, I am reposting PCBanker CEO's comments about PCBanker seciruty policy. This information may be important for PCBanker customers who would like to access their PCBanker accounts outside US. I would like to thank PCBanker CEO for answering our questions.

To MSN Board Members:

I have attached answers to questions that have come up relating to our "IP Blocking" policy. Although I believe that my answers may generate additional questions, please understand any future comments from American Bank about this issue will be VERY limited, if at all. There may be a reason why some of my answers are short. While I truly enjoy participating on this Board, I do not believe in discussing American Bank's position on security.

Thanks for your understanding.

1) Question by Markber:

"Could you please point where in PCBanker disclosures you have a statement that customers will not be able to conduct online banking sessions being outside US?"

The disclosure has been posted by The Black Cobra. Although not specific, it covers many of the efforts, including "IP Blocking", that we pursue to protect our customers accounts.

2) Question by SeattleNative:

"Question for Mark Jaindl: will the PC Banker web site be accessible from Canada? "


3) Question by Raindancer:

"Is there any way that American Bank can make case by case exceptions to this rule? I am sure the customer would not mind going through a rigorous security check in order to be able to access their account."


4) Question by Raindancer:

"You stated that you are the only bank that does this and predict others will follow. How sure are you of this prediction?"

I am 99% sure that at least one other bank will follow. I am 0% sure that 100% of all other banks will follow.

5) Question by Strawberry:

"What makes you think by excluding outside accounts will help prevent fraud? Didn't some of the terrorists and criminals access their accounts in the United States?"

We cannot prevent intrusion attempts from occurring. Our goal is to eliminate some of the users of "Higher Risk" IP addresses from trying.

6) Question by Markber:

"So does or doesn't PCBanker block US IP addresses (which is fine with me as long as they belong to hackers)?"

No. See Answer to Question 8.

7) Question by International Traveler and Markber:

"Wouldn't it make sense to at least dump blocked users to an error page explaining the situation instead of just giving them a DNS error message generated by the web browser?

No, we will not make such a page.

8) By International Traveler and Markber:

In the response I received from customer service it was stated that, "For security reasons the bank is now blocking most if not all of the IP addresses outside of the US as well as several of them within the US." Mark on the other hand stated that, "We recently implemented a blocking process on "high risk" IP addresses outside the US." Which is it?

We block "high-risk" IP addresses OUTSIDE the US only. Our e-mail was incorrect. Sorry for the confusion.

9) By International Traveler:

"One last question for this post: Mark, how do you determine what IP addresses are "high risk"?

"High-risk" IP addresses are provided by our security system vendor. In addition, we include IP addresses that are disclosed at a number of websites. One such site is

10) By Markber

" I guess my question to Mark would be what part of total international IP addresses the PCBanker list of "high-risk" IP addresses cover? 10%, 50%, 80%."

I will tell you that we have only received e-mails from a hand full of customers indicating that they have been "blocked".


Mark W. Jaindl

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