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Subject:  Re: Coming demise of J&J Date:  7/31/2002  5:03 PM
Author:  jammerh Number:  5070 of 10476

Foretold, welcome to TMF and to the Johnson & Johnson Board. Of course contrary views are welcome.

However, view that is presented without provision of facts to back up what you say is open to criticism.

For example,

"...What I said about J&J is true, and its not just J&J. Its just that the bigger you are"

Statements like this add little to a discussion. Simply asserting that what you say is valid does little to convince anyone that this is in fact the case.

The idea that a major drug discovery has not been found in years is nonsense. But the evidence is there for you to find if you're interested. Choosing not to keep up on the latest products being released is no reason to claim that there are none, or that those being released are insignificant.

Adverse reactions are increasing because drug therapies are increasingly being employed. Drugs are still by far the cheapest and most efficient way to treat many medical problems.

You seem a little confused about the cause of death in many of these cited instances. Have you stopped to consider that the reason many patients are being treated is because they have medical conditions in the first place? This puts them in a higher risk of death. Should such drugs only be used to treat the healthy?

Your claims seem to be supported by little more than rumour and enuendo.

I'm curious as to why anyone would pay to subscribe to TMF only to post negative comments on Johnson and Johnson. Do you not have any companies that you like? Were you hoping to get Johnson and Johnson at a lower price? Are you short Johnson and Johnson and hoping to profit by scaring out current shareholders?

If so I think you'll have to do a little better than that. By the way have you ever heard of something called a paragraph?

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