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Subject:  Re: OT: KISS Date:  8/10/2002  5:08 PM
Author:  FoolMeOnce Number:  73413 of 882494

galeno writes:
1. The asset accumulation phase is EASIER than the distribution phase. The lessons of history are unchanged for either phase.

And why is the distribution phase more difficult? Could it be the constant worrying during the distribution phase about whether or not you will be able to stay retired?

2. The papers are full of stories about people who started investing at the top of the market bubble into single stocks with NO earnings and who thought the market would go up 20% a year indefinately. I call them UNREALISTIC. These people knew just enough to be dangerous to themselves and others <grin>.

If I remember correctly, the lesson of history from the Safe Withdrawal Study is that for fully half of all 20-year start dates, the returns for portfolios invested exclusively in equities fell somewhere between 2.75 and 7.7 %. This is hardly the range of returns necessary for most investors to retire in 20 years.

And I achieved FIRE before age 40 in a third world country whose standard of living is 20% of that of the USA.

. . . . by investing in the US and then residing in a third world country. Congratulations.

Your ROI is far too low for my needs.

You know nothing about my return on investment. I judge the success of my plans by how low a return on investment will make them work. It is not good that your needs are so great.

Finally, when I'm in the mountains, at the beach, or out of the country enjoying the scenery and a comely young woman, the last thing I want to get is a call on my cell phone about a clogged toilet in some freaking house, apartment, or office I that own.

Have you been reduced to using sex to sell your ideas? Tell you what. If I ever get one of those ubiquitous clogged toilet calls. I will let you know. I will include all details about how it ruined my life.


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