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Subject:  Re: OT: KISS Date:  8/11/2002  12:54 PM
Author:  golfwaymore Number:  73487 of 887344

GWM, unless you have between 50 and 100 times (or more) your annual expenses in income producing assets to support you thru FIRE, I'll guarantee you one thing, your FIRE will not last unless you are exposed to stocks.

As you know, I'm heavily exposed to a wide range of asset classes, including stocks. I read your statement to implicitly declare that reaching ER by any means other than stocks was an impossibility.

BTW, I'm STILL smarter than you because I FIRED in a much more difficult environment than you did. Almost anybody with 1/4th a brain can retire early int the USA. If I "did my thing" in the USA, I'd be a member the Forbes 500 <grin>.

I've always understood you to say that retiring in Costa Rica was a breeze compared to the US, with 20% the cost living requirement. I'm also not sure what you know about "my environment".

Only an idiot would get pumped about a "smart contest", so I officially declare you smarter than all of us. <grin> I take pride in "dumbing down" this board on a regular basis.

I guess my position is that it seems academic as to how one gets to ER, or how they stay in ER. Taking a "chest beater" posture and declaring right and wrong methods seems like a dumb thing to do, for a "smart guy". <grin>


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