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Subject:  Re: OT: KISS Date:  8/11/2002  1:46 PM
Author:  hocus Number:  73497 of 882486

What percentage of the population is "self-enterprising"? (FWIW, I know I'm not.) And of this group of hardy "self-enterprisers", how many achieve a level of success in business that allows retirement by age 40 or 50? Surely we're down to 1% to 2% of the population at large if we apply this criteria.

If, as you claim, the Safe Withdrawal Rate approach works for 10 percent of the population, adding regular discussion of an approach that works for another 2 percent of the population increases the number of people served by this board by 20 percent.

Did I get the math on that one right, intercst?

Who knows how much farther we could expand the reach of the board if we encouraged discussion of some of the other approaches that a few daring posters have ventured to post on in recent months? Could we ultimately get to a point where early retirement is possible for 15 percent of the population, 20 percent, 30 percent?

We may soon find outselves venturing down a road where you will have to redo that study on your site where you claim that INTJs are represented more frequently in the population of early retirees than they are in the general population. Someday INTJs may even be the RE board minority.

Don't worry. INFJs aren't into this ridicule of alternate approaches stuff. We take our knowledge of how to retire early whereever we can find it, and are appreciative of any help that those suffering from other personality -type designations can share with us.

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