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Subject:  Re: OT: KISS Date:  8/11/2002  9:58 PM
Author:  CatherineCoy Number:  73603 of 882490

O.K. i'm putting words in your mouth but am i close?

Yes, indeed you are--putting words in my mouth, that is. I like my J-O-B because it's rewarding and lucrative (see infamous thread of same title). ALL my business comes from referral, so I don't do that sell-y thing.

I like real estate because (a) I've always been interested in it and (b) it produces money if you do it right. I like anything that I can buy low and sell high (go figger). Buying real estate for investment purposes isn't a social event, although I kinda like the folks at the various investment clubs I frequent. They're an extremely sharing bunch (ala Golfwaymore, FoolMeOnce, etc.) as are the stock types here. I've learned a GREAT DEAL from everyone (even Galeno--yikes!) in the short time I've been visiting here. With FMO's excellent posts, I feel back on track again.

I hang out here a lot (I imagine that will diminish after I read all the threads) because I realize that I'm not as diversified as I could be. I have just a smattering in the stock market via my 401(k) (back when I worked for The Man instead of for myself). I'm convinced that I should do the Index thing-y although a couple of funds have been recommended that I'm looking into.

If I'm successful in converting the wisdom here into action, I may very well retire early but I'm only half way to what I need, so I don't know. I really don't know how I would fill my days, being accustomed as I am to producing results for pay. Alas, I don't live in paradise, either, although Southern CA comes pretty close.

Hey, thanks for asking the questions. I'm CERTAIN I'm not the only one here not fully convinced that retiring early is either possible or preferable, but exploring that is what this board is all about, eh? Congrats to you if you feel that RE has met your needs and dreams.

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