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Subject:  Re: non-MasterMind will RE Date:  8/12/2002  8:22 AM
Author:  hocus Number:  73644 of 881682

That would be accurate if I had said "the readerS". But I only said "the reader". If Intercst is the reader at the moment, then Intercst is the determiner of what is and is not looney. If you are the reader at the moment, then you are the determiner of what is and is not looney.

Ok, warrl. I appreciate your responding to the question.

I saw your initial comment as being phrased with a bit more ambiguity. Yes, you used the singular and not the plural. But you added a comment that, if most readers of a post do not find it loony, "the author will probably get some support" but that "If pretty much everyone who cares to post in the thread thinks it's looney, then either the author is doing a very poor job of saying what he intends, or it's probably looney. "

That's what prompted me to wonder whether there comes a point at which one particular poster's views of what is loony, and that poster's insistence in engaging in campaigns of ridiicule against posters who he views as loony, become so far removed from the consensus of the board that board members need to step in and ask that poster to evaluate whether perhaps he has lost his sense of perspective.

The second post in this thread is a post I put up showing that a great number on this board, while not in agreement with my views on the Safe Withdrawal Rate study, do not see those views as loony and do not see any need for them to be ridculed on the board. But one poster feels strongly that they are looney and that they do indeed need to be ridiculed.

It seems to me that if that one poster would be willing to bow to the board consensus, the threads here could become far less combative and far more productive. If there are any others who think that a change in the way of doing business around here might be in order at some point, I hope that they will come forward with any constructive suggestions.

Since we pay to read and participate here, I believe that the board as a whole has the right to say what sorts of views will be expressed here and what sorts will not. No one poster has that right (that's my view, I'm not entirely sure whether Motley Fool agrees or not). So if there are posters trying to block you from having access to ideas about early retirement that you think might help your planning efforts, you should ask in respectful but direct terms that they stop doing so.

The Motley Fool motto is "Educate, Amuse, Enrich." I don't think you would see nearly so many people coming to the discussion board of a site with the motto "Insult Newcomers, Engage in Nasty Off-Topic Debate, Ridicule All Who Disagree."

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