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Subject:  Re: non-MasterMind will RE Date:  8/12/2002  10:19 AM
Author:  CatherineCoy Number:  73668 of 881729

Your ideas and posts are SO looney, ridiculous, and idiotic that it is irresistable to give you a verbal kick every time you walk by.

Galeno, if it wasn't an ad hominem attack to say so, I'd say that you're the master of the ad hominem attack. Why, for just your hurtful 9/11 invective alone, YOU should be booted off this board permanently. But I don't run this place, so I don't get to say.

However ...

What hocus is saying (in my interpretation) is that intercst doesn't run this place, either. He may have initially requested that this board come into existence (the title "founder" is a bit grandiose), but beyond that, a public discussion board is, by its very nature, a place for dissenting opinions.

And I think hocus objects to dissenting opinions being driven off in a passive-aggressive way, through mean-spirited bogus "polls," subject line insults and below-the-belt parting shots (although, I admit, even when I'm the intended target, some of 'em are darn clever). And, of course, there's the ever-present <grin>, designed to mollify the more squeamish observers while he goes in for the kill.

hocus just takes an awfully long time to get to his point. As an aspiring writer, his work will get edited heavily if it's ever to be published. What he thought was a well-turned sentence will end up on the cutting room floor. But that will be for him to discover. It's for me or you to skim--or not. I get the gist of what he's saying and I think his posts are pretty thoughtful.

Is retiring early an accomplishment? Well, certainly. But it's more akin to losing weight than abolishing slavery or finding a cure for polio. You do it for yourself. hocus clearly would like to do this for himself or he wouldn't be visiting this site. He just questions the methods presented to do so. A firm "get to the point, hocus" would be more helpful to all than attempting to silence dissenting opinion through insults and antagonism.

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