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Subject:  Re: non-MasterMind will RE Date:  8/13/2002  1:15 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  73910 of 881729

"A person wants to prevent himself from dying of heart disease. He reads articles, does the literature search and comes to the conclusion that he must become a highly trained athlete. He dedicates himself to it for many years and benefits in a variety of ways. As he ages, his ankles go , his knees wear out and his back gives him trouble."

That was me back in 1993. I was getting in shape. I dropped about 80 lbs. All my friends were telling me that I should start lifting weights and I would look like Arnold Schwarznegger. So, me being the idiot that I was, listened to them. I also started doing the stairmaster. About three months later I woke up one morning and it felt like someone had taken a knife and stuck it in my right hip. It was awful. So I went to the Doctor and he X-Rayed me and said I had calcium deposits all around my hip sockets. He also said I had bone spurs up and down my spine. He said if one of those break off I'll be in real trouble. I also have a messed up neck, hemmorhoids, inguinal hernia, sore kidney, and the lumbar region of my back hurts me every day. I take "Bextra" a Cox II inhibitor that helps some but I stil hurt. Those people who don't hurt, great for them - but don't tell me how to live my life. I won't tell them what to do and they shouldn't tell me what to do. My brother is thin muscley and wiry and he has bad hips. So does my other "thin" sister. We got it from my mom who had bad hips. It's got to be genetic. My brother's daughter, who is only 34, told me her hips all read hurt her. - Art
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