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Subject:  Re: Why are so many unhappy? Date:  8/23/2002  7:02 PM
Author:  LongHook Number:  6681 of 15031

Just wondering if he arrived as an illegal alien, hires other illegal aliens, isn't licensed and insured as required and fails to report much of his sales for tax purposes and much of his income for taxes.

He is a licensed contractor. Verified.

My brother has one of these gyppo gardeners, and he likes to be paid in cash. I wonder why.

Sure, that type of stuff isn't uncommon.

Just for fun, ask him for proof that he is a licensed contractor and for proof that his employees are covered by worker's comp insurance.

I didn't ask for proof, I took his name and contractor # and called it in myself. He also doesn't accept cash, only checks to his business.

Believe it or not, this country was founded on immigrants that busted ass, saved their nickels and pursued the American dream.

I find it a little disheartening when a success story is relayed and the response is basically "Must be because he's an illegal".

Of course he must be, because we couldn't just accept the fact that hard work actually does make a difference, right? Have we become an entire society of sullen teenagers that feel they've earned everything by existing?


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