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Subject:  Banks Date:  8/26/2002  12:21 AM
Author:  GoCowboys Number:  17427 of 24357

I have seen a couple of threads about banks and how bad some of them are.

Actually, you are going to find both good and evil in almost all banks. You will always find some customers who are very happy with the bank, and you will also find customers who are very unhappy. However, the customers who are unhappy tend to be more vocal about it, and I can understand that.

Bank of America has both good and bad, as does Wells Fargo, as does Citibank. There may be more bad than good in one or all of them, but there is some of both.

Bank of America always treated me well. Almost every time I called, I got good customer service. There were some reps who didn't know what they were talking about, but for the most part, they were very helpful and friendly. I think that Bank of America has improved dramatically in the customer service area since the big merger.

I have also dealt with Wells Fargo, and I have the same view of them as I do of Bank of America. There are things I like and things I don't like about both, but overall, I think both of them are good banks. I think that Wells Fargo is VERY MUCH improved since Norwest bought Wells Fargo. The old Wells Fargo has a very bad reputation, especially after the takeover of First Interstate back in 1996. However, with Norwest executives running the show at the new Wells Fargo, I think that things have really improved.

Every bank is going to have fees that you don't like. I mean, who likes fees? However, we, as customers, are willing to put up with most fees, but there are some that really irk us off - however, you are going to find that in EVERY bank. Some fees are understandable, and some are just downright stupid.

You have to weigh the good and bad at ANY bank. I agree with some people when they say that you should vote with your dollars - if you don't like a bank, close your accounts and go elsewhere. Please understand that I am NOT saying this to be rude or spiteful - I'm just giving some advice on the best way to solve the problem. If a bank did something that I just really didn't like and couldn't put up with, I would close my accounts and go somewhere else - I have done that in the past.
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