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Subject:  Re: Political favors article Date:  9/30/2002  3:29 PM
Author:  jcm1313 Number:  7933 of 10419


I disagree with your position here. First you state:

If we were to ban corporations from political spending, it would give more weight to foreign governments and special interest groups

The corporations are special interest groups. I do not see how banning their influence increases the influence of the group they are a part of. I am also not sure what influence foreign governments exert on our elections. Please explain what you mean by that.

Then you say:

I would point out that it also doesn't say "from the consent of the radical special interest groups whose opinions deviate from the vast majority of Americans".

I think this makes it clear that you have a problem with special interest groups. So do I, so I would think you would like the idea of doing away with the corporate aspect of special interest groups.

You make the point that some corporate lobbying can be for all of our benefit. Perhaps this is so, but so could the lobbying of the other special interest groups that you disapprove of. For that matter, the influence of the foreign governments could be to our benefit as well. I do not care if the cooperation wants to help me, I care that the cooperation is having an undue influence on my government. While a corporation is considered to be like an individual under the law, it is not. Such non-entities are not what I want controlling the direction of my country.

Lastly, your comment about the integrity of politicians really is cynical. I think you are just in that view. I also think part of the reason you have that view is due to the kind of things the original article was fighting against.


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