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Subject:  Re: Political favors article Date:  10/1/2002  12:58 PM
Author:  jstermer Number:  7952 of 10419

Efforts to limit spending in political campaigns are misdirected, in my opinion. The federal government controls an annual budget of $2 Trillion. Laws and regulations affect the competitive environment of the largest economy in the world. Attempting to write and enforce campaign finance laws to control this behemoth is a bit like trying to pen an elephant in your living room using silly string. It just can't be done, and the only solution is to banish the elephant before the whole house collapses.

Politicians will always be corruptible and there will always be special interests willing to pony up cash in exchange for favored treatment. The hope of the little guy is to limit our government to controlling only those things specifically granted in the Constitution. The feds should defend the homeland, print the money, and protect the rights and property of the individual if the State government fails to do so. All the rest of it, from $100,000 pork barrel projects benefiting an individual politician to $100 Billion 'entitlement' programs that enthrall millions of voters, should be devolved back to the States or left up to the private citizen as specified in the Tenth Amendment.

This can't happen overnight, obviously. It took almost a century to get from the passage of a federal income tax to a $2 Trillion dollar budget. I hope it won't take as long to rein in the government elephant, but as long as he is in the house, getting more silly string won't save us.

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