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Subject:  Teaching games via "play mode." Date:  10/9/2002  11:42 AM
Author:  TMFDavidG Number:  772 of 2929

Reacting to Keith's post about buying Tigris, I just wanted to relate a recent experience I had on an interesting recurring topic on this board: teaching game rules.

Three weeks ago, I taught T&E to my dad and brother by just starting to play it. Literally. I just set up the board and said, "Your turn."

"What do I do?" one would say.

"You can either put a leader on the board or a tile on the board. Those are 'actions.' You actually get two actions a turn."

"OK, so I'll put this leader on the board."

"OK, that black one is your king. Now, if you place a tile in a way that traces a connection to your king, you'll score a block in that color."

"Why would I want that?"

"Because your colored blocks make up your score. It's how you score points in this game. The hook is, of the four colors you can collect, your final score will simply be the color you have least of." Etc.

Without spending virtually any downtime, I talked them through a whole game. They had the fun of playing the game and learning it throughout, and by the end I think they thoroughly understood all the rules (I would introduce treasures two-thirds of the way through, for instance). I prefer this way of teaching certain games for certain people. This often works much better for me than expecting my "audience" to sit there yawning for 25 minutes while I go over all the components and considerations. The way I figure, you can spend that 25 minutes talking, or you can spend that 25 minutes playing -- and both can accomplish the same thing. One is just much more interactive, even if they can't "pre-think" strategy (of course), etc. You just always call that first one a "learning game"!


David Gardner
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