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Subject:  ONWARD! Date:  10/13/2002  8:35 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  798 of 4296

I know that I am rushing the gun since TMF has yet to announce this year's competition for Most Valuable Poster but, nonetheless, I am sure it will be proposed the 2002 Feste Award go to GoofyHoofy because I think he, as were I, was robbed of the 2001 Award.

As last year, again I nominate myself so then it comes down in 2002 to a race between GoofyHoofy and myself – and others such as last year's winner and those able to stagger in only as a supporting cast.

There is little difference between GoofyHoofy and myself in that we both post; what difference exists is in content, appropriateness, and knowledge. While I admit GoofyHoofy has these in spades I have to say that I am gaining ground on him through other means: I am the lone person posting at TMF who has successfully TP'd not only Bogey's cubicle but, more recently, TP'd Tom and Dave Gardner's. Let's see if GoofyHoofy can top that, kiddies. Nah, I've got the TPing facet well covered. Point 1 for me.

While GoofyHoofy leads in certain areas I think that I have a greater involvement in TMF such as sending food baskets and other forms of bribery. Not that it worked last year but I think that changing the bait may be more successful: this year I'm sending a carefully chosen selection of Pacific Northwest cheeses (with chocolate bonbons for TMFSelena). Has anyone else thought of this? I didn't think so.

I think this year I have a fighting chance even though those others visiting TMF's HQ in Alexandria get a ball cap with FOOL embroidered on it and mine read IDIOT.

I wish to reiterate an idea I proposed last year in a state of desperation knowing I had no chance at winning The Feste Award and that was to divide the Award into categories having sufficient layers that I would have a stab at the lowest (Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster). So a repeat of the request since it's a foregone conclusion that, as last year, I am going to be shafted if things remain as they were in 2001.

Possibly going into the 2002 Feste Awards with that attitude isn't so let me amend that slightly: I am going to be slightly shafted. However, one thing I won't do this year, as I did last, was to play the sympathy card. No way, sir. I will take my slowly decrepitizing body across the months of The Feste Award and bravely continue to the end upon which all vital parts drop off. Do not let that influence your vote, TMF, but remember that giving me The Feste Award will bring back a liveliness so sadly lacking now.

What is galling however is that the post nominating GoofyHoofy to the exalted will get more recs than this one. As a rec whore this is infuriating and not a good start to the campaign. Nevertheless, onward to The Feste Awards.


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