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Subject:  ONWARD: THE SEQUEL Date:  10/18/2002  10:50 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  799 of 4296

The Internet has been a means by which all has a voice and by this medium some voices cluster through like-mindedness as at TMF. There are lesser places where the wit is half that of here; cogency is spelt 'kojenzy'; and use language sufficient to make a Teamster blush but let us not concern ourselves with these areas of lower life forms and concentrate on these Elysian Fields. The following is a paean to the essence of TMF and I hope I can get though it with my lower lip trembling as it is.


Nah, let's get onto The Feste Award and how it creates one winner and more than three-quarter of a million losers. With a happiness/disappointment ratio like this you'd think TMF would hesitate having such a prize but since Bogey got that cheap plastic trophy for having a golf score not in the triple digits he has it in his noggin that a trophy is sine qua non – a ne plus ultra – for posting excellence.

At this point I should say that The Feste Award is not a trinket trophy but an 'imputed' plaque. Nor is there an Awards Ceremony with tuxedos and champagne spritzers. It is a cyber trophy the same as cyber beers: nothing you can touch. No one knows what The Feste Award looks like because it doesn't exist. This has to change for the 2002 Feste Award. When GoofyHoofy steps up to the podium let there be a real podium, a real award, and – hope springs eternal – a real GoofyHoofy.

And back to one winner and more than three quarters of a million losers. While I agree that having a multi-layer Feste Award dilutes, having an arbitrary one winner of the Award does leaves more than the population of a large city wondering where the yellow went. Therefore I propose The Feste Award be made in three classes: Investing, Social, and MichaelR.


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