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Subject:  Re: Horrendous rent increase Date:  10/22/2002  5:48 PM
Author:  feedmehuman Number:  6940 of 15025

1 - Find out why the tax jump occured from $100 to $500. To me it seems suspicous (sic?) that the property manager (PM) got it wrong and you know the City most likely only issued one increase. Try to get copies of the original paperwork from the City from your PM. He might be uncomfortable doing this if something shady is going on.

Well, the government in AZ is in bad financial shape, and this may be an attempt by the Treasurer to grab some money .

I'm told that the property was re-assessed, and the tax amount skyrocketed. They did send us a copy of the 2002 tax statement from the county, but I don't know what the exact tax amount was last year.

I think the miscalculation was more incompetence than conspiracy--they'd mailed my letter to the home address of the tenant nextdoor, and they'd misquoted figures to me in the past, also. I haven't received the new letter with the updated amount yet, but every time I call, I seem to get a higher figure. It may be as much as an additional $2000 due as a lump sum for the remainder of the year, followed by some kind of decreasefrom that amount for 2003. But the 2003 figures are TBA.

2 - It is not surprising your tax went up as the building is new.

Well, the building hasn't changed since last year, so I don't understand that reasoning.

However, the PM, as the owner's agent should be appealing it with their own lawyer. Find out if they are using a lawyer and who. They also should have known this was coming down the pipe. Our notice said "We appealed the decision and lost" so it seems odd that your appeal hasn't been heard before they are asking for money.

I've got calls out ot the prop management, but I'm getting the runaround right now. No one seems to be at their desk today, but I intend to find out about the appeal process.

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