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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/24/2002  4:48 PM
Author:  UrsulaB Number:  199927 of 2321679

"What do you want me (us) to say? Of every Muslim I know, I know none who I believe would do anything to harm anyone else. Would it make everyone feel better if we just randomly reported people we simply don't like? Or maybe only the ones who look funny? The truth of the matter is that these guys don't exactly announce themselves. They don't stand up in the masjid and say 'I'm going to commit such and such terrorist act. Anyone want to help me?' "


reporting "funny" looking people or reporting randomly is definitely not what I was speaking about.
This should never be done.
But when your father-in-law speaks at your mosque, he probably knows all community members.
It is true that ill-minded people do not announce. But often they speak with family or neighbors or friends.
It is always up to the individual to make a judgement.

I want to mention a few things I find always very disturbing:

What I do not like at all, is being called "infidel" by muslims.

We are catholics, protestants, hindus, buddhists etc.
Most people who are not muslims believe in someone, in general called GOD.
Despite this fact, you call us "infidels".

Moderate muslims do not protest enough against wahabism, against radical islam depriving woman of all rights.

I cannot remember having heard any protest from moderates during the last years against the evil rule of the Taliban.
I have not heard of protest against the way of wahabism treats woman (remember the poor little schoolgirls who had to die in SA half a year ago?)
And where is the protest against the strange ways of nigerian muslims treating woman so badly?

We have a friend from SA who used to visit us. He used to say, that Islam is a safe way of controlling and oppressing large populations consisting of mainly hot blooded men.

You must know that I have travelled large parts of the world.
I visited many muslim countries.
The worst treatment I ever got as a woman (despite the presence of my husband and despite being dressed appropiately always)) was what happened to me in Kashmir.
I do not want to repeat it here, but believe me, I was disgusted.

Most of us complain often about media bias. It is real.
But there are quite a few organizations in the US going against it and you can join one. They do put pressure on tv-channels and often succeed.


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