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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/24/2002  5:09 PM
Author:  exwa Number:  199951 of 2333794

Despite this fact, you call us "infidels".


I have never called anyone an 'infidel.' I also remind those I know that calling anyone a 'disbeliever' (aka infidel) is not their right, as God is the judge of a person's belief, not us.

"Moderate muslims do not protest enough against wahabism, against radical islam depriving woman of all rights.

They do. They do it all the time. You just don't know about it. Why don't you come visit our masjid here on Sunday when we take on a big wahabbi guy who inisists that women's voices not be heard in the masjid (which is ENTIRELY untrue...and we will show him exactly why (God willing)...although it may not change his mind just the same).

"I cannot remember having heard any protest from moderates during the last years against the evil rule of the Taliban."

I guess you missed the newsletter I put out 4 years ago bringing the atrocities of the Taliban to the atttention of other Muslims. This at a time when most Americans could not have cared less. A small step on a local level...

What is true is that there is not enough protest against these things from the Muslims. Many people simply do not want to rock the boat. Many, if not most, people are sheep. I do believe that the tide will shift in America amongst the Muslims. What will happen overseas I do not know. What happens here is of more importance to me.

What is so important to understand is that these radical views are not representative of the teachings of the Qur'an, or of the example of Muhammad (sas). In the case of oppression of women, they are (I believe) and extension of the desire of (some) men to abuse women that we see across religions and cultures. [See my post on the treatment of Vietnamese women on the Islam board] In the case of hatred and intolerance of anyone not Muslim, that I believe stems from fear of the unknown, and also of a desire to believe one has the 'only' path to truth. It almost seems an insecurity complex. It is as if they can only feel secure in their own beliefs if they deamonize everyone else.

And to your friend who said: "...Islam is a safe way of controlling and oppressing large populations consisting of mainly hot blooded men." I adamently disagree. Wahabbi Islam may fit this description, but the Islam I believe is true does not at all.


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