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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/24/2002  6:02 PM
Author:  UrsulaB Number:  200013 of 2333795

"I have never called anyone an 'infidel."

I belive you, but I did not mean you personally.

The Chechens on Al-Jazeera today spoke about infidels. The muslims I hear here in Germany speak of infidels.
The "sheik of Cologne" and his gang (he is in jail for ordering the murder of a competing guy in Hamburg, and soon will be expelled to Turkey) who wanted to establish a caliphat in Germany, calls us infidels.
This has to stop because it poisons the atmosphere all over the world.

The mosques her in Germany, 2 weeks ago had "open door".

Just as muslims do not visit our churches, we do not visit the mosques.

Islamic countries (mostly) do not allow the construction of churches or temples.
WE, the West, allow everybody to practice a religion of choice. We allow muslims to have their mosques in our countries.

So, WHO is practizing intolerance?

When I visit muslim countries, I cover myself and observe appropiate behaviour.
When muslims come to western countries, they often disregard our culture and go on living like they did at home. This brings many in conflict with our laws.

exwa, I know a lot about your religion since I belong to a small organisation fighting against the circumvision of woman.
This is an issue not of western countries but of muslim and african countries (mostly islamic).

I find it encouraging that you might be of another breed and willing to go for a moderate form of Islam.
I wish you luck.


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