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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/26/2002  10:09 AM
Author:  exwa Number:  200796 of 2332899

It is not enough for you to say words to the effect of “don't blame me for what that guy did”. It is necessary for your community to emphatically condemn the criminal acts.


First of all, there are Muslims who publicly condemn these acts. I've already posted concerning this, and commented that the major media sources are not the least bit interested. What exactly do you suggest I, an 'average' American Muslim, not a big name in the community, do? Besides post my condemnations on this message board that is. You know what...I'll go ahead and email CNN with my views. You know what else? They will not give them the time of day. So every other American will think that I have said nothing, and am somehow 'endorsing' the act as such, which could not be further from the truth.

"I see that the goal of Islam is universally to take power and impose its strictures on society."

This may be the goal of a very small minority of the Muslim population, but I assure you that it is NOT the goal of the majority in any way.

"It dismays me no end that militant Islam overwhelmingly dominates Muslim discourse here in America."

That would be in part because militant Islam is what the media is interested in reporting on.

"Thus, one must conclude that, to a Moslem, if religion and politics are one, and there can be no room for diversity of political opinion in an Islamic society, then the Constitution of the United States is anathema, since it establishes a framework wherein a citizen may freely exercise his will outside of the strictures of Islam."

Please do not generalize. This is not an Islamic state. Every Muslim knows that this is not an Islamic state, and if they choose to live here, then they are duty bound BY THEIR RELIGION to follow the laws of the land. If they don't like the laws of the land then they need to go somewhere else. The majority of the Muslims in America have no desire whatsoever to turn America into an Islamic state.

"But if some segment of one of them, in this case militant Islam, keeps crapping under our tent, and the remainder of that religion, in this case non-militant Islam, continues to do nothing to either police itself or to clearly align itself with the offended portion of society, then you can bet that that religion as a whole is eventually going to get kicked out of the tent."

I find this statement to be absolutely and utterly intolerable. Come to my house and tell me that to my face. Tell me that my condemnations, wherever I may spread them, are insufficient. Tell me that the fact that I have not 'turned anyone in' is evidence of my 'support' for the terrorists. Tell me that these facts make me guilty by association, and that I darn well better start my own paper (with money I do not have), and turn an innocent person in 'just in case,' so that I can PROVE my innocence. Tell me that if I don't do whatever it is you want me to do that I will get kicked out of YOUR tent.

You know what? This is my tent too.


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