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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/26/2002  10:54 AM
Author:  exwa Number:  200803 of 2322112

What is your opinion on the state of black Muslimdom in America?


This is not something I have given a whole lot of thought lately. What I know of the Nation is from my reading of 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X.' The first Muslims I knew were followers of Warith Deen Muhammed. I found them to be excellent people. Many had been originally introduced to Islam through the Nation, and had become orthodox Muslims later on. I doubt their stated beliefs were altered by my presence, even if I was the only white person in the house ;) I am certain that none (or very close to none) of these people support the extremist fringe of the Muslims.

As far as the Nation goes, I honestly have no idea where the majority of their followers stand. I would hope that they have the sense to acknowledge that terrorism is completely unislamic. Asking if they are 'with us or against us' is overly simplified in my opinion. It implies that one cannot engage in any kind of dissent for fear of being put in the 'against us' camp. I have no problem with anyone who would like to work for change in a legal manner in this country. I have no problem with anyone who protests our governments policies. I do have a problem with individuals, or organizations, who would force THEIR will down everyone else's throats through whatever means necessary. Does the Nation as an organization have this last intention? That I do not know. I would hope that any member with a conscience would report any illegal activities to the authorities.

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