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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/26/2002  4:28 PM
Author:  thenderson1955 Number:  200894 of 2332893

I find this statement to be absolutely and utterly intolerable.

What I find "absolutely and utterly intolerable" is thousands of dead citizens murdered by foreign militant Moslems, militant American Moslems shooting citizens, militant Moslems in other nations committing other acts of unspeakable barbarity (murder of Jewish reporter video taped for public dissemination in Pakistan, Christian missionaries held hostage and murdered in Philippines, hundreds held hostage in Moscow as Arabic television broadcasts support for the Moslems behind the act, hundreds bombed to death in Bali, and on and on and on), and relative silence on the heinous nature of these offenses coming from the American Islamic community.

Don't give me your outrageous moral indignation at my assertion that you are not doing enough. Give me action to align your community with the rest of our society. Militant Islam has irreparably harmed us. If your community of faith is not aligned with militant Islam, then as a community you must publicly and decisively repudiate militant Islam and clearly differentiate your community from militant Islam. The fact is that, as a community, you have not done that well or effectively. Thus, you remain aligned with that segment that you assert is not representative of your faith.

Read my post again - check out the part where I said: Moslems who accept the basics of American civilization, including the Constitution, and who attempt to achieve their political objectives by working within the constitutionally established political system are pretty much like any other citizen; no matter how much I may disagree with them, they have the right to promote their beliefs, and I am willing to stand behind their right to do so. Moslems who do not work within the constitutionally established political system, but who choose instead to subvert that system through criminal acts and violence, are militants. I repudiate them, I utterly reject them, and I will defend my society from them with whatever moral and ethical means is necessary to successfully execute that defense.

You are offended because I warn that if your peaceable segment of Islam does not differentiate itself from militant Islam, you will suffer the same fate as militant Islam.

It's a cop out for you to blame CNN for not getting the word out that Islam is not evil. From what I see, the exact opposite is true. CNN, ABC, CBS, Reuters, et al, are bending over backwards in an attempt to be politically correct and not point the finger of guilt at Islam. Check out the editorial titled Omission Journalism on page A17 of the Monday, 18 Oct '02, IBD. The kind of coverage described there typifies the kid glove treatment that the press gives to Islam. It appears to me that the press would jump at an opportunity to present the politically correct message that Moslems aren't inherently bad guys. If you have such a message that isn't getting out, it isn't the media's fault.

Are you trying to tell me that the American Islamic community is so fractured that you cannot manage to organize pro-American activism worthy of press coverage? That the media will not respond to press releases and invitations to press conferences? That newspaper editors and talk radio hosts all across America are united in their refusal to publish your letters or answer your calls (the antecedent of the pronoun “you” here refers to the entire non-militant American Islamic community)? You can't either get free time or even buy some time on local access cable stations to publicize your pro-America and anti-militant Islamic views? That you cannot so much as get together a letter writing campaign to local media and government officials?

I don't buy it. Angry mothers with political axes to grind and no budget whatsoever have been far more effective at getting their positions in front of the public than the pro-American Islamic community has been – which makes the rest of America wonder if there really is such a thing as a pro-American Islamic community. The silence is deafening.

If, in fact, you are correct and militancy is not dominant in American Moslem congregations, then your are failing miserably to make the rest of America aware, and you are not helping to identify who the militants are (one might reasonably assume that they must be the ones who are not publicly announcing themselves to be pro-American).

You ask, rhetorically, if you should turn in someone in your congregation whose looks you don't like, implying that the rest of America isn't seeking justice, but really only wants a pound of Moslem flesh, any Moslem flesh, regardless of guilt or innocence, to satisfy an unrighteous lust for vengeance. Such rhetoric is offensive and belittles my desire for real justice. I respond that my anger is righteous, and I want the guilty to encounter justice. It is not unreasonable to expect that you, too, should want this if you are, in fact, not a militant Moslem.

You imply that you, personally, don't know any militants. Gosh, does that mean they really aren't out there? Does that absolve you and others in your congregation of any duty, as peaceful, patriotic, American citizens, to work diligently to purge militancy from the greater community of your faith and to let the rest of America know about it? I think not.

It's good that you, personally, are writing on this bulletin board, and I tell you frankly that I appreciate exposure to your viewpoint. But I must also ask, what else are you doing that will help your peaceful Islamic community purge itself of extremists, and what are you doing to let the rest of American society know you are actively on their side? I do not tell you this to attack you. I tell you this as a friend, the true friend who will point out your faults to you, not to belittle you, but because he wants to help you to become better.

Come to my house and tell me that to my face. Tell me that my condemnations, wherever I may spread them, are insufficient.

Gee, that sounds like a veiled threat. Do you expect me to fear you? Think about it. I suggest that you and the rest of your allegedly peaceful pro-American Islamic community would be better served by humility at this time than by militancy.

I will be happy to come to your house, to your mosque, to anyplace you would like to meet. I will be happy to express my views to you, to your family, to your neighbors, to the members of your congregation. I have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of, and I have every reason based on sound moral, ethical, and patriotic foundations, to persuade you and others to speak out and take action to end the assault of militant Islam on American society.

Yes, it's your tent, too. But it's your dog that's crapping in it, not mine. Yes, I am telling you that you, as a community, aren't doing enough to deal with the problem, consequently you are part of the problem. If that makes you angry then maybe it's because it's true. As bcairns said: Mainstream Muslims must clearly choose sides and come down on the side of tolerance.

You, as a religious community, desperately need to get your act together on this issue.

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