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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/26/2002  10:49 PM
Author:  exwa Number:  200981 of 2333767

This was their chance to repudiate before a sympathetic audience. They didn't. They. Didn't.


How far do we take this? Are Muslims now required every time they speak to both Muslim, non Muslim, and mixed audiences to speak against every act of terrorism committed by a Muslim? There were a great number of condemnations by prominent Muslim leaders in the wake of 9/11. What I am hearing on this board is that it isnt' enough, and I wonder if anything will be enough. If the statements come monthly, people will want them weekly. If they come weekly, they will want them daily. That is if they reach their breakfast table at all. If there are a group of 5 Muslims they hear from, they will want to hear from 10, or 20, or 30. They will want that EVERY time a Muslim speaks on any religious topic that they condemn the terrorists.

Is this reasonable? Is this a reasonable expectation of people who have done NOTHING WRONG?

We can do more, but I fear it will never be enough. Put yourself in my shoes for instance. Pretend you live in Egypt, and a group of fundamentalist Christians committed a terrorist attack against Muslims which killed a thousand people. Would you think it fair that you would be expected to repeatedly condemn this act, even though everyone knows that you had nothing to do with it? Would you think it fair for others to include you in the 'guilty by association' category? Surely you would speak out, surely you would try to do whatever work you could within your community to effect necessary changes. But after awhile you would start to wonder why you should be asked to continue and continue and continue to make statements about this or that thing which you had no part in. You would wonder why others could not understand that you are innocent of these crimes even if you aren't on tv every day proclaiming that innocence.

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