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Subject:  Re: We have a winner! Date:  10/26/2002  11:15 PM
Author:  jiml8 Number:  200987 of 2333794

How far do we take this? Are Muslims now required every time they speak to both Muslim, non Muslim, and mixed audiences to speak against every act of terrorism committed by a Muslim? There were a great number of condemnations by prominent Muslim leaders in the wake of 9/11

As the particular situation I described played out, the local muslim community was taking advantage of an opportunity to generate some grass roots PR. Now, as I have said, I have no particular problem with that.

But, given the desire to proselytize, or perhaps merely to inform, would it not seem reasonable to explicitly repudiate the particular event that led to the perceived need to engage in PR?

Is this reasonable? Is this a reasonable expectation of people who have done NOTHING WRONG?

There is clearly a problem in the global muslim community. This problem is rapidly leading to a situation where it will be at a minimum the U.S. against an assortment of muslim states, and at worst it will be the world against the muslims.

Those in the muslim community, therefore, must needs take sides. I do not believe it is an overstatement, or hyperbole, or posturing, to say "with us or against us." Our President has said so, and events in the world suggest that it must indeed be this way.

So, from the standpoint of reality and survival, it would behoove those muslims who wish to live peacefully to repudiate those who claim to be muslim and insist on murdering infidels.

Quite frankly, I worry about my kids. They are good kids. They have done nothing wrong. But they are muslim. So far, people in this country have displayed a great deal of understanding and are not blanket-condemning muslims for the actions of one segment. But it is not difficult to envision this changing. These kids are not white; they are mostly Paki or Indian in origin. Should it happen, they won't easily be able to hide or change their affiliation.

The muslim community around the world needs to make its case. It needs to repudiate the terrorists and expel them wherever it finds them. Literally, it is becoming "with us or against us." That is where we are headed. Inevitably, I think, given the nature of the threat.

Pretend you live in Egypt, and a group of fundamentalist Christians committed a terrorist attack against Muslims which killed a thousand people. Would you think it fair that you would be expected to repeatedly condemn this act, even though everyone knows that you had nothing to do with it? Would you think it fair for others to include you in the 'guilty by association' category? Surely you would speak out, surely you would try to do whatever work you could within your community to effect necessary changes. But after awhile you would start to wonder why you should be asked to continue and continue and continue to make statements about this or that thing which you had no part in. You would wonder why others could not understand that you are innocent of these crimes even if you aren't on tv every day proclaiming that innocence.

"Fair" has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. The situation, in a more general sense, is a situation where a minority population has within it a sub-population that is dangerous. Those members of that minority who wish to live peacefully have no alternative but to repudiate their sub-population and expel it, over and over and over and over. There is no alternative, because the majority population feels threatened by them, and they need to make sure the fear is properly focused and does not become all-inclusive.

Whether or not this is fair is totally irrelevant. It is the reality.

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