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Subject:  ONWARD Redux Date:  10/29/2002  12:33 AM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  802 of 4296

Gawd, Maude, this is a lonely board between periods of The Feste Award when everyone wants to get into the act. Maybe everyone is off making sure their posts are sufficiently apt for the Award – not that this is my concern because my posting history is not that of determination in process – I place my chances at the award at the last moment in a flurry of posts appealing to TMF's better nature in having an encompassing award structure that includes posters such as I.

Let's get serious for a moment. The Feste Award is a means of recognition to a poster who has contributed, in substance, to the aims of TMF as in educating, amusing, and informing. Right there it says that The Feste Award should have three categories. GoofyHoofy posts material that decidedly educates and informs: I don't think I've read a post of his that I haven't learned something. But amusing? Sure, he'd be a smash at a Rotary luncheon piling on fact after fact but boffo? And I'm sure that he's a hoot at parties but amusing? Fascinating, sure; amusing, nope.

And this is sheer reason that The Feste Award have categories – apart from the reason that if it isn't I don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting it. I have proposed The Feste Award Third Class With Palm Clusters as a means of having The Award spread over more than those competent to receiving it. Not that TMF lower its standard but that it restates The Feste Award to include say Raggmopp and me.

Consider Raggmopp as an example of someone who could use The Feste Award.


Well, let's chose another example. Me. Consider post Cuts through the morass and states, eloquently, a position and a stance. Is this not content? Is this not what TMF is founded upon? If not, then what?

I plead with all my fellow TMF posters that The Feste Award be divisional in that several Awards be awarded. Your post here, on this board, will ensure that TMF will consider it (ha!).

Vote Read for The Feste Award Third Class With Palm Cluster!


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