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Subject:  Re: ONWARD Redux Date:  10/29/2002  10:12 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  804 of 4296

GoofyHoofy posts material that decidedly educates and informs: .... Fascinating, sure; amusing, nope.

I hesitate to post this, Michael, as I am reluctant to burst whatever fragile bubble you have, so far, managed to sustain.

Goofy is often amusing, often funny and, sometimes, downright hilarious.

Cruel words assailing your ears, I know.

I will admit that Goofy is not as consistently funny as you are - all that knowledge and substance sometimes gets in the way.

Therefore, I will support your candidacy for The Feste Award Third Class. I am reserving judgment on the Palm Cluster. I'm not sure you are ready.

I would, however, be willing to grant you a few coconuts.


For a woman of your breeding, social status and all that good stuff, you can be cruel. Krewel, krewel, krewel Klash. A dagger into my heart and, not content with the stabbing, you twist the knife and say that I do not have your support for The Palm Cluster – you are a cruel woman. Without the Palm Cluster The Feste Award with Palm Cluster is, well, third class.

So, okay, you have good-looking grandkids (thanks for the pictures) but that in no way makes up for you believing I am out-knowledged and out-substanced by Goofy even though it could possibly be true if you stretch things. So Goofy is a favored poster and writes Good Stuff. <Sniff> I can write as good as he if I had half a mind to and don't be cruel and say that half a mind is all I have </sniff>.

The final authority on The Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster is Bogey. I have a sneaking suspicion that I shouldn't have TP'd his workstation and it was a real error TP-ing the Gardners. I will have to cover this by doing something to ameliorate. I know! Conspire with Twitty's kids and TP his house.


I hope you all realize that I am serious about getting The Feste Award Third Class with Palm Cluster and anyone coming over from The Jester Board saying that I am not worthy is going to get slapped down hard.

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