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Subject:  Nomination: Reitnut Date:  11/11/2002  12:04 PM
Author:  KenAtPcs Number:  898 of 4296

I nominate Reitnut for the 2002 Feste Award.

I believe that Reitnut is an ideal model for the community's mission of "Learning Together". He is a professional in the REIT industry, and so one might assume he has little motivation to interact on the REIT board. And yet, he constantly shares his views, opinions, and in-depth knowledge on REITs, for the betterment and education of everyone fortunate enough to read his postings.

Attempting to narrow down to only 3 posts that illustrate his "worthiness" is a nearly impossible task. Since TMF is aware of the 3 PODs of his, I'll skip those, and list these three instead:

An example of sharing valuable information that few others have access to:

A post in which Reitnut shares his unique viewpoint on the REIT world, as well as kicking off a lengthy thread that continued to discuss the worthiness of certain REITs for several weeks:

And, perhaps the most striking example:

This post illustrates what many people (myself included) find most difficult to do. A kind, respectful response to a (likewise respectful) response that disagreed with Reitnut's original post. This thread, in fact, best illustrates what makes TMF worth paying for, compared to the free boards out there. Intelligent, knowledgeable, respectful posts discussing an extremely on-topic subject. This plays out over & over again on the REIT board, and that is due, in no small part, to the efforts of Reitnut.


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