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Subject:  Re: Mishedlo for Feste Date:  11/13/2002  10:38 PM
Author:  MrPlunger Number:  941 of 4296

Whenever I look at the Top Boards, Mishedlo is up there. There are some boards higher up the ranking, all Amusing boards, but Mishedlo is always the top board for Educating and Enriching.

Maybe that says it all, but let's go and look at why it might be.

The board's mission seems to be to make money together. Nicely. Maybe many boards have that as their mission. This one succeeds.

"Mish" sets the tone for the board, and reinforces it with continuous postings of linked material, thoughts and responses. His tentacles reach out far and wide to bring in both emerging themes and reinforce current views.

Others on the board are inspired by these efforts and add further material and thoughts, and debate what has been laid out.

Trading ideas vary from the “trade wind” variety of for example buying bonds for a couple of years, to day to day trading of individual stocks and options.

Helpful themes such as “aggressive” accounting, pension problems, debt problems, stock option shenanigans are all debated here early and fully.

But it's not a bear board. Many times long trades are posted with justification. Just as short trades are. It's a winning board.

All ideas related to the economy and markets are welcomed. Those readers not enjoying one aspect just move along to the next. So criticism is kept to a minimum and all are encouragd to share thoughts.

The board is home to market professionals, keen active traders, experienced cynics and others … all aiming to continue to develop.

Flames are very rare; because on this board they soon embarass the writer more than anyone else …

So why is this board such a roof-raising success?

Remember, “Mish” sets the tone. And reinforces it daily. He provides the meat from links and news items. This is his working day.

Mish senses the macro themes. Many people do. Not so many are so open about posting for others.

Mish tries to zig and zag with the market. Many people do. Not so many are so open about posting for others.

But most importantly for me in this age of “it's OK to get rich any way you can” is that Mish is so utterly ethical and decent. In the way he treats people. New people. People he is debating with. People upset with him. People he is upset with.

Other members of the board then empathise and try to match his standards. It's true that one reacts to the way one is treated. This all makes the board such a fulfilling place to hang out.

So of course Mish also sees as clearly as anyone the excesses and frauds in the market, and comments every time. While so many deceits abound, some-one with such a clear sense of right and wrong not only senses immediate trading opportunities in this environment but helps to chart the difficult-to-see but inevitable course of the future of the markets.

IMHO Integrity wins. I hope you agree.


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