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Subject:  Salmon of Doubt Date:  11/22/2002  3:25 PM
Author:  FordLove Number:  1641 of 3330

I just finished Douglas Adam's Salmon of Doubt.

I went into it with the same feeling that I did with Kafka's The Trial. You know that it doesn't have an ending.

One of Douglas Adam's friends went riffling through his hard drive of his various computers and pulled out a lot of his stuff. The majority of the book is not the Dirk Gently story, it is mainly stuff that Adams had recently wrote for various publications.

In one of the articles, Adams says that he relealized that many of the ideas he was having for Salmon of Doubt were actually Hitchiker ideas. He figured that he would start a sixth book after the Dirk Gently on. I really didn't need to hear that.

Salmon of Doubt is one of the worst titles that I have ever heard, but I guess as a rough title it would do. Had Douglas survived it may have changed, or it might have had some tie in to the book.

The Actual Dirk story is good, for what there is. I had a little trouble with some of the last chapters, but they were probably in need of a rewrite, so I wasn't as critical.

I like Dirk. Someone in America is paying him $5,000 a week, without any contact with Dirk. Since he is being paid, he picks somebody at random and tails them. Not that he gets far, the book ends, the author died.

So you have maybe 40 pages of the beginning of a novel. Unless you are a fan of Adams, and of Dirk I would stay away.

I, myself, was given the first Hitchhikers before it was released for publication in the US. My Uncle in England sent it to me. I'm a life long nerd, and with the last name Ford, how could I not get sucked into his work. It is a pity he was taken so early.


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